PAX Prime 2014 - the Legend of Zelda (CDI)

Relive moments from your favourite anime, cartoons and TV shows in a new and hilarious light. The Late Night Dub Fight pits comedians against each other to find out who can “improve” classic clips by redubbing them live with their imposing improv skills. No one knows what show host Ian Horner has up his sleeves, or what the dub-fighters will say in this all-out assault on your funny bone.

This week the dubfighters can’t wait to bomb some dodongos in this clip from The Legend of Zelda on CDI at our PAX 2014 show. Featuring Michael Robles, Graham Stark, Kathleen De Vere and Brendan Dery as “Beej”.

Clip: The Legend of Zelda Series on CD-i
Seed: Camping Trip
Show: PAX Prime 2014 – Seattle, WA.